Mytham Primary School

Working together to nurture happy, confident children who will make a positive difference to the community today, tomorrow and always.

Mytham aims to;

-Instil a ‘Pride in being British’ and teach our pupils values to enable them to be respectful citizens in modern Britain; tolerance, respect, cooperation ,appreciation and responsibility.

-promote community cohesion and good citizenship, equipping children for their future role in a diverse society

-create a happy, nurturing, safe environment where all are trusted ,respected and valued.

-provide a stimulating environment which enables students to be active ,enquiring participants in their learning

-deliver a personalised and creative curriculum which inspires and enables pupils to achieve their potential

-cultivate a ‘can do’ culture where confidence and positive self esteem are valued

-have developed in our students the skills of self evaluation and personal target setting

-give pupils opportunities to communicate, listen and collaborate with each other enhancing their ability to forge strong relationships

-work in partnership with children, their families, governors, extended services  and develop links in the community.

-help pupils understand and have respect for the school environment and local community.

-promote healthy living including informed choices about diet and exercise

-identify children’s gifts and talents and encourage them to follow their interests

-have given pupils an insight into the world of work and raised their aspirations for the future


‘Mytham …More than Just a school ! ’