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Headteachers message regarding Attendance 

We have set an aspirational target of 97% attendance for the whole school for  the year 2017-18 !!

We hope that Parents will help us to achieve it !


*New* Attendance and Punctuality Raffle

From March we will be adding an Attendance incentive to our current Punctuality award .

Children will be entered into the draw if they have had 98% attendance (excellent) in a term .

There will be a prize for KS1 and KS2

At the end of the year there will be an ‘Outstanding Attendance’ certificate for every child who has achieved 98% attendance across the year.


As a quick guide I have selected all the main points around attendance that you need to be aware of below ;

Any absence from school will be recorded as Unauthorised or Authorised.

Authorised absence

An absence is classified as authorised when a child has been away from school for a

legitimate reason and the school has received notification from a parent or guardian.

For example, if a child is unwell, the parent telephones the school to explain the absence.

There are 5 reasons for the school to authorise an absence:

  1. Illness of the child
  2. Family bereavement
  3. Medical appointments/reasons
  4. Educated off site
  5. Religious observance


Unauthorised absence

An unauthorised absence is where the school is not satisfied with the reason for absences such as

* Unauthorised holiday

* Truancy

* Looking after family members

* Accompanying family members to a medical appointment

* Illness that would not stop them attending school

* Taking a full day for a medical appointment

* No contact to explain the reason for absence within 2 weeks

How can parents support school with absence ?

  • A parent, carer or guardian should contact the school at the start of each day of absence. They should provide a reason for the absence.
  • A note should be sent to the school prior to the day of a planned absence, e.g. if a child has a medical appointment, so that this can be logged correctly in the electronic register.

Safeguarding around absence

  • If there is any doubt about the whereabouts of a child, the class teacher should take immediate action by notifying the school office. The school will then be in contact straight away with the parent or guardian, in order to check on the safety of the child.

Lateness : Please note that school starts at 8.45am

  • Lateness can cause children to miss key learning that happens immediately as children enter to start their day and so it is vital that your child is at school on time every day. If your child is going to be late for any reason please contact the school office before 8.45am to explain reasons for this.

Requests for leave of absence for holidays

  • In September 2013 the Government made amendments to the school attendance regulations by removing reference to family holidays and extended leave during term time. There is no automatic entitlement in law to have time off school for holidays. The amendments made clear that the Headteacher may not grant leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Parents are asked to complete a form which can be obtained from the schools office.

How can parents and school work in partnership  to reduce absence ?

We have noticed that some children stay off for a week , even though they are better after a few days; 

Parents feel that their child needs a few days to fully recover. We understand this however every day of missed education is important and does have an impact on learning. Imagine if the class learn a new maths strategy or an important science concept. It will affect their progress if they have missed it . Please consider sending them back to school. We can facilitate them sitting in at playtime for example; although often fresh air and playing out with friends is a great distraction technique and does the trick.

A child has a cough or an aching leg or a toothache

Sometimes children are off school for something minor which, if staff were aware ,could be supported in school. We’ve all been there where we feel a little under the weather and would love to just stay in bed. We also know that children  can be very persuasive with Mums and Dads!  Many parents demonstrate ‘tough love’ in these circumstances and instill values such as ‘keeping going’ and explaining how important school is and they shouldn’t miss it.  9 times out of 10 the child is distracted by school and friends and has a positive day. We hope that the new Outstanding  Attendance award will give parents a tool to use to encourage their child.

A child has been ill and on medication . They are feeling well but parents decide to keep their child off until the course of medication has finished.

School are willing to support with helping children return to school if they are feeling well but need to continue with medication . Parents / grandparents can come to school with the medication at certain times  or if not possible due to work commitments , parents can fill in a simple form giving permission for school to administer the medication. Please note however that this has to be prescribed medicine from a GP not chemist medication e.g Calpol.

A child has had an operation on legs  or has broken their leg and in a wheelchair or on crutches but are otherwise well

We are happy to make adjustments so they can attend school.  We can make reasonable adaptations so that their needs can be catered for e.g we have a lift to get children upstairs easily. Parents are asked to contact school to discuss how we can best support their child. This will ensure that the impact on the child’s learning is reduced to a minimum. We will also write a Personal Fire Evacuation Plan (PEEP) so that ,in an emergency, we can get them safely out of the building . Please ask ..we can usually manage most situations !

What should I keep my child off with ?

  • Anything that is infectious such as Chickenpox, sickness and diarrhoea
  • If a child is so unwell that they cannot focus and are sleepy and irritable ; such as a very bad cold /fever/ head ache/ aches and pains /severe sore throat
  • The first day or two after an accident /operation and in pain until pain relief begins to have an affect

If in doubt , you could always phone school and see what we would suggest.

We are looking forward to parents working with us to ensure that their child’s attendance is Outstanding and most importantly we thank those parents who feel that Attendance and Punctuality is very important and do all they can to ensure their child is in school every day on time .